Fierce Fast and Fabulous With Michael Dawkins

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In 1982, he met Producer Barry Clark who taught him to write music, as he pursued his career as a singer instead of a DJ. By this time he was in the process of migrating to the USA. This, though, never deterred him as he used his versatility and musical prowess to continue his journey. His first single "Don't Give Me The Crack" which was released and recorded on the Ruff & Tuff label, entered the chart on 1190 WLIB in 1987; he had a series of singles after that, the title tracks "Assassin" & "Thursday Night", a maxi singles, recorded on the Infinity label in 1991 also gained vast popularity. "Thursday Night" received extensive air play on Irie FM (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) which further gave him much publicity. In 1994 Michael Dawkins recorded "Wisdom" on the Top Notch label, which became the theme song on WHCR FM (The Vinie B Showcase), New York and is still being played. The last release on the Top Notch label was a single "Hold UP Ya Hand" with a bonus track titled "Come Have Some Fun" released in 2001; it was well received worldwide on over 500 radio stations, entered the Top Pop 40 chart in Europe and topped many local charts and play lists. Michael Dawkins lovers rock single titled "Baby I'm A Want You" charted on ITunes reggae chart in the USA (2018) and climbed up as a number 1 single. Belgium is the first European country to chart Michael Dawkins rendition of "Baby I'm A Want You" at number 1 in Europe. In 2021, Michael returns with "Make It With You", the single when number 1 in the UK, South Africa and Jamaica.

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