Fierce Manson Promotes The Son Of Miles Davis - KJ Focus

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KJ Focus born Kalin Freeman, is an American musician saxophonist, producer, and song writer. The Oakland native has made his name in the industry by showcasing his talent within the many genres of music. Confidently crossing the playing fields of R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Hip hop, reggae, Latin and Tribal. Freeman has played in front of some of the largest audiences, and is a well known name at the University of Cal Berkeley. He has also been booked for many festivals and has even taken his talent into the depths of California’s very own San Quentin State Prison to share his joy among the mass population of inmates. Over the years Focus has become more than just a musician and has positioned himself to be a major power house of connection by directly introducing other musicians to new opportunities through his platform. Recently soft launching his own label Focus Team, Freeman has plans of eliminating some of the struggles he has seen young artists deal with and has made a vow to assist as many people as he can while working his way to the top. When asked what motivates his drive, KJ explained that the memory of his mother who transitioned into an early passing has been his fuel to flame and motivates him to a level that is unexplainable by word. Sound has been his voice for years now. Waking up each day focused on bettering himself has been the bread and butter, and has allowed him to push through any and all of life’s hurdles. Focus continues his climb, all while spreading love, truth and harmony through the melodic tones of his saxophone, backed by pure passion and talent.

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