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Toby Juan AKA The Magic Epic grew up in suburban South London and moved to the coast after falling in love with Brighton where he began writing his own music in 2013. KING KNEMISIS, a name that is most recently being heard throughout the club scenes and dances of Jamaica is quickly becoming a most sought after Reggae/Dancehall king. Fitzroy Anthony Jarrett as he is known by birth was born on the 5th day of November 1984. Fitzroy’s hobbies are playing basketball, song writing, listening to music of any genre, partying and socializing. KING KNEMISIS is inspired by a few of Jamaica’s top Dancehall and Reggae acts including the Hip Hop and R&B communities famous hit makers. He is also motivated by his father Fitzroy Jarrett Snr AKA (FRITZ) who is a Well Known Keyboard player who has toured with artiste the likes of the late Dennis Brown, Alton Ellis, Gregory Issacs as well as Judy Mowatt, Freddie McGregor and Buju Banton to name a few. KING KNEMISIS has done a few shows which include Venues such as Blue Beats, Hard Rock Cafe and Pier 1 in Montego Bay , The Jungle Night Club, Spotlight Disco, Couples Negril Showtime Special, Miss Bunkers Hill in Trelawny, San Souci Showtime special in Ocho Rios, These are just a few of the major gigs he has taken. He records at Young School International , and ETC Recording Studios in Montego Bay and Falmouth.

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