Fierce Promotes Top Shelf Artist Antonio Jean New Single Release 09/29/2021

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My name is Antonio Jean formerly known as Antonio Rowland. I am a singer, songwriter, and producer who was raised half of my life in Washington D.C. At the age of 13 my family and I moved to North Carolina where I continued my life, and education including college. Growing up my family and I experienced many hardships including financial issues and homelessness with no support system around to help us. The church failed us, and family failed us but we always had each other, and music. Music has always been been at the forefront of my life because that’s something my family used to cope with the hardships we faced. Along this journey I recently in 2018 lost my mother Carol Jean Mclean one of the most important person to me.This is also how part of my stage name came to be, “Antonio Jean” to remind me, and always carry her with me through every success in it. She was my rock, my everything and my constant. Following her passing I didn’t believe I could continue this journey but the voice in the back of my head told me to follow the music and keep fighting. Writing has become my outlet which gets me through the tough times even when others promised to be there and weren’t writing has been my coping method. I don’t want anyone to focus on the sad portion of my story, because I love to laugh, have fun and spend time with family and friends. If I died tomorrow I would want to come back as myself because there is something so unique about Antonio.

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