Kreesha Turner On The Fierce Female Network

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Kreesha Turner is a multi-talented, multi-culturally, versatile artists. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and performer. Her brand reflects a multi-cultural sensibility; that is reflective of a changing world. She is of Jamaican and Canadian heritage, studied Jazz vocals, dance and fell deeply in love with her Jamaican culture at an early age. As a result, her music is a hybrid of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hip, Reggae and World Music. Unlike many pop-artists, Kreesha Turner’s music seamlessly encapsulates a street energy blended with up-tempo, high energy, and rebellious rhythms. The dichotomy of her sound is supported by her unique look and approach. Kreesha's brand represents the first gens, the people that live between two worlds, attempting to connect and identify with both. Her art doesn't fit neatly into categories or formats; it brazenly lives between them.

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