Pam Golden, Brittney Dixon, Corky Wink, & Rae Aminu

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Rachael 'Rae' Aminu is a Nigerian-born American singer-songwriter. Rae is a contemporary musician who loves different genres of music - from Reggae, Gospel, Country to Jazz and Afro-soul. Her appreciation and passion for music started when she was 5 years old. Her parents encouraged her to join the choir, and nearly three decades later, she continues to sing in the choir at her local church, Dominion International Center Spring. Rae's music is a blend of life experiences, cultural backgrounds, and divine inspiration. Her mission is to use music as a tool for telling the world about Jesus Christ and encouraging people from different corners of the world. PAM GOLDEN Pam Golden is a Folk/Singer-Songwriter out of Virginia. She has a close relationship with God and a great passion for music and songwriting. Her debut album "From Me For You" was dedicated to many people, but most of all her children Tommy, Tyler, Jessie Ann, and Travis. The album was written to "leave a 'peace' from me give you continued encouragement and uplifting and spiritual guidance." One of her favorite quotes is "Drink some water... you'll feel better"

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