125: “When you find authenticity & kindness in a person, keep them close.” Drive thru balut, Filipinos in show business, and turning childhood dreams into cathartic professional opportunities with Emy Coligado

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125: “When you find authenticity & kindness in a person, keep them close.” Drive thru balut, Filipinos in show business, and turning childhood dreams into cathartic professional opportunities with Emy Coligado

This conversation is also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xytpYt2mBMY

Dog mom, Actress & Executive Producer Emy Coligado tells her story; a girl who leaves her hometown in Borger, TX to pursue her childhood dream in the performing arts in the Big Apple. Fast forward to today, Emy has secured a decorated resume for herself including the show that inspired it all - Miss Saigon - in the Broadway company.

Bringing it back full circle, she recently finished filming & producing one of her favorite projects yet, titled ‘The Girl Who Left Home’, that features a plot emulating one of the most difficult times she’s had to face in real life: the loss of her dad. Playing the role of the nanay in a Filipino-lead film offered her a unique, cathartic opportunity to work through her grief. She dedicates this pride point in her life to her late father, and considers it an homage to her mother.

Emy shares the beauty of Filipinos in show business, and explains why the quality of your community is more important than its quantity.

Learn more about Emy & her work at https://www.emycoligado.com/ or catch her on Instagram/YouTube @emycoligado. Watch The Girl Who Left Home now at https://www.girlwholeft.com/

The Girl Who Left Home is an Official Selection and Encore Presentation of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Our film’s LA premiere in-person screening is at Regal LA Live on Friday, October 1st at 6pm PT. For info or tickets visit https://linktr.ee/GirlWhoLeftHome


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