Bernie Kosar: One Play Can Change Your Entire Life

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An Official Miami Dolphins Podcast

Bernie Kosar first made an impact on the South Florida football landscape as a redshirt freshman at the University of Miami in 1983, guiding the Hurricanes to the school’s first national championship. Kosar’s collegiate success led to his being the first pick of the 1985 supplemental draft as his hometown Cleveland Browns made the Youngstown, Ohio native its quarterback. After nine standout seasons in Cleveland, and a Super Bowl championship in a reserve role in Dallas in 1993, Kosar returned to Miami for the final three seasons of his NFL career, assisting Dan Marino and the rest of the Dolphins offense in unimaginable ways.

In The Tank, Bernie recalls how UM’s loaded quarterback room (also featuring Jim Kelly and Vinny Testaverde) nearly led him to leaving the school before Howard Schnellenberger stepped in (6:31), explains the decision making behind declaring for the supplemental draft (14:09), reflects on his special relationship with Don Shula (25:48), shares how drawing a play up in the dirt resulted in being cut by Bill Belichick (31:36), and provides a rarely told background story on the “Clock Play” made famous by Dan Marino in the Dolphins 1994 come from behind victory over the New York Jets (46:28).

Contributors to this episode include Sean “DJ Prec” Todd and Dolphins Productions.

Theme song created and performed by The Honorable SoLo D.

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