62. GRIEF WITH GRATITUDE: Coaches Corner

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Coaches Corner (CC)- Welcome to the Coaches Corner where you get to witness Positive Psychology based coaching in action with master level certified coaching. Listen to positive psychology in action through real life coaching sessions with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, who holds a Master Coach Certificate (MCC) from the International Coach Federation ICF.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a challenge like no other. Grief is the normal and expected response to death. The giving process is different for everyone. Listen how Emiliya coaches Venessa, through processing the loss of her father.

“I wish he were here. When am I going to get over it? Maybe I just have to get through it.” Grief can be deeply painful and complex, but it’s a completely natural reaction for those who have lost something or someone.

Discover how Venessa discovers that there is nothing wrong with her for grieving. Although "getting over it" might be a well-meaning thought, she discovers a much more realistic goal for her grief is resilience and gratitude. She discovers this doesn't mean getting back to who you used to be, but learning and growing from your experiences. Everyone deals with grief differently, but acceptance, support, and expression through gratitude and journalling resonated with Venessa. She also decided that celebrating the life of her loved one can be one of the best ways to support her healing.

Exploring the feeling and processing! Grief and gratitude simultaneously.

Through the coaching process she decides to not judge herself as she grieves, and give yourself time to experience her feelings. She discovers she can experience gratitude by exploring the many different ways in which she can honour her dad’s life.

Allow memories and experiences to be a positive thing for her.

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