64. POSSIBILITY TO HEAL: Real-time Resilience

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Real-time Resilience (RR)- Welcome to Real-time Resilience (RR), where we look at real people being resilient in real time. Be ready to discover and learn skills to help you bounce back better. Listen in to bounce back stories that are sure to inspire and encourage you through any struggle.

Life isn’t perfect, so it is exciting to witness real people, with real stories, practicing real-time resilience. Listen in to Bounce Back stories that are sure to inspire and encourage you through any struggle.

Healing starts with the belief that you can!

Shauna Streich, a Rehabilitation Consultant, founded The Possibility Centre to assist people who are recovering from injury and illness, providing support through the ups and downs of the recovery process. The consultant became the patient when Shauna was placed in a medically-induced coma from complications related to severe bilateral pneumonia and septic shock. She required intubation and mechanical ventilation for 17 days. When she finally awoke she could barely speak, couldn’t walk or even feed herself.

From this experience, Shauna knows that recovery can leave you feeling frustrated, vulnerable, and scared. She also knows that it can be difficult to find help during this time of uncertainty. Shauna’s personal journey, her passion about the healing process plus her 20 years of experience in rehabilitation and disability management provides a unique perspective when assisting people.

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You can reach Shauna Streich at the possibility centre at: http://thepossibilitycentre.com

visit The Flourishing Center at: www.theflourishingcenter.com

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