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Coaches Corner (CC)- Welcome to the Coaches Corner, where you get to witness Positive Psychology-based coaching in action with master-level certified coaching. Listen to positive psychology in action through real-life coaching sessions with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, who holds a Master Coach Certificate (MCC) from the International Coach Federation ICF.

Listen in on this session to hear coaching in action. Emiliya uses the positive psychology coaching model to help her client, Grace. Through this process, she can reveal what she desires to be FUELED WITH A NEW PERSPECTIVE. Through this session, you can hear she wants to move forward but feels frustrated and stuck. Listen to how coach Emiliya helps her discover how to tap into her resourcefulness. Emiliya uses paraphrasing, metaphor and curious questions to help support her on her journey. She helps her tap into her own wisdom, and she lets her lead the dance of the coaching session to help her client overcome her difficult challenges. Emiliya holds the space for Grace effectively that allows her to go from feeling stuck to liberated.

A Return to Battle.

Grace feels initially like she is fighting an endless battle, and through this coaching session, she can challenge her own thinking patterns and gain a clearer direction. She expresses her many feelings and how she feels and sees many obstacles. About midway through this session, Emiliya asked Grace, “What needs to change? This powerful question broadens her thinking and allows her to consider her options and tap into what she really needs.

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