83. FRIENDSHIP MATTERS: Karen Riddell- Practitioner Profile

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EPISODE 81: FRIENDSHIP MATTERS: Karen Riddell-Practitioner Profile

Practitioner Profiler (PP)- Welcome to our Positive Psychology Practitioner Profiler, where we highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Each practitioner is one of our graduates of the Certificate in Positive Psychology Program. Please find out the exciting ways people are putting the science into practice within their Communities, Organizations and Lives.

In this episode, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, CEO & Founder of The Flourishing Center, highlights Karen Riddell, Coach, Speaker and Author.

After earning her undergraduate and law degrees from The University of North Carolina, she discovered friendship and its power to positively impact a woman’s life personally and professionally, emotionally and physically. Following her mission to spread this message, Karen became a friendship blogger on Psychology Today’s website and began speaking to women’s groups about friendship. She loves to share both the scientific research on friendship as well as the spiritual gifts of shared connections.

Karen’s interest in friendship led her to become certified in both applied positive psychology and life coaching. In her practice, she works with groups and individuals to find the sweet spot where their strengths, purpose and passions align. Karen partners with clients to clearly conceptualize their goals, envision the possibilities, and map out a concrete action plan for thriving. Karen’s practice centers on positivity, engagement, connection, purpose, and vitality.

In December 2020, with the world deep in a pandemic, Karen published Friendship Matters, a book extolling the miraculous power of friendship to transform your life.

Listen in and discover how Karen is integrating Positive Psychology into her life.

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