85. IMPROV AND POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY with Nancy Watt- Practitioner Profile

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Practitioner Profiler (PP)- Welcome to our Positive Psychology Practitioner Profiler, where we highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Each practitioner is one of our graduates of the Certificate in Positive Psychology Program. Please find out the exciting ways people are putting the science into practice within their Communities, Organizations and Lives.

In this episode, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, CEO & Founder of The Flourishing Center, highlights Nancy Watt.

A Writer, Actor, Improviser & Speaker. A wife, mother, community activist & board member. A dog owner, voracious reader, marathon runner and eternal optimist. Nancy delivers dynamic and interactive workshops on Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, Bridging the Gender Communication Gap, Organization Development, Neuroscience of Resiliency, Leadership and the Study of Creative Problem Solving.

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