GOP Mapping Course To Big 2022 Advantage

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States have begun the process of drawing up new local and congressional districts. With almost a year until November 2022, parties in control have begun the process of redistricting, but critics say it’s actually “gerrymandering” -- drawing districts that will put them in advantageous positions come election day next year. Managing Editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball at UVA Center for Politics, Kyle Kondik explains how parties have been redrawing districts maps to improve their position ahead of the midterms, the history behind districting rules, how partisan gerrymandering can be executed legally, and why Republicans seem likely to take control of the House in 2022 given their geographical and redistricting advantages.

The Iran nuclear deal talks are back on. President Biden's administration is trying to rejoin the agreement that former President Trump called 'horrible' and pulled out of in 2018. Dr. Jim Walsh, Senior Research Associate at MIT's Security Studies Program, discusses why believes the nuclear deal is on "life support," how close he thinks Iran is to building nuclear bombs and whether military action would stop their weapons program.

Plus, commentary by former New York Times reporter and author Alex Berenson.

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