Unvetted Afghan Evacuees Raising Security Concerns

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The process of the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan is under deeper scrutiny after a Congressional memo from Senate Republicans cited allegations that the Biden administration has only vetted a small portion of the 82,000 refugees brought into the U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL), an Afghanistan War veteran, joins to break down why he believes a rushed evacuation has resulted in a weakened vetting process and to discuss the importance of slowing down the vetting to prevent compromising national security. He later discusses the threat ISIS-K and al-Qaeda pose to the U.S., how the loss of our intelligence operations in that region create vulnerabilities and why he believes Afghanistan is an issue that is here to s stay.

Bail Reform is a growing movement especially with many on the left. Advocates argue many poor people cannot afford to pay bail after they are arrested and wind up serving days, weeks and sometimes even years for a crime they have yet to be convicted of. Critics, however, say bail reform and low bails are releasing dangerous criminals too soon and putting communities in danger. Jim Trusty, a former federal prosecutor, discusses the bail reform debate and how states and cities can address the problems of the bail system without releasing dangerous people.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Liz Peek

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