Migrant-Smuggling Tragedy Sparks Border Security Debate

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The country’s deadliest human smuggling operation ever recorded was uncovered earlier this week, with more than 50 migrants found dead inside an abandoned 18-wheeler in San Antonio. On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott condemned this tragedy and announced that the state would restart the inspection of commercial trucks crossing the border to further crackdown on human smuggling. Former Chief of US Border Patrol and retired acting ICE director Ronald Vitiello joins the Rundown to weigh in on the deadly smuggling attempt. Later, Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) joins to break down solutions for border security and how the White House can help.

Many Americans are planning to stay home this 4th of July due to rising gas prices and flight cancellations, however, others are preparing for vacations this holiday weekend. Despite the halt in air travel following the COVID-19 pandemic, demand is on the rise with AAA predicting 3.55 million Americans will be taking flights this weekend. Michael Boyd, President of Boyd Group International, joins the Rundown with his predictions of what airports will look like during the holiday, why airlines are facing a pilot shortage, and why he believes the industry will never return to a pre-COVID normal.

Plus, commentary by member of former President Trump's economic recovery task force, Stephen Moore.

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