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Trevor Rappleye, CEO & Storyteller at FranchiseFilming, grew up thinking he was "dumb" because he struggled to read aloud. Now in his 30s, Trevor is a Professional Storyteller for franchisors and franchise suppliers. All he had to do was throw the script out the window, and be real.
In this episode, follow along as Trevor tells his story of struggling with a stutter, falling in love with filming videos and finding his identity. All of this eventually led Trevor to usher into the franchise world a fresh take on video lead generation, all based on authenticity and emotion.
Trevor shares his experiences on:

  • How throwing scripts out the window skyrocketed his, and his clients', success
  • Why you have to play big to win big. "Fake it 'til you make it!"
  • Identifying gaps in the franchise marketplace
  • How to make videos that convert leads

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-->Connect with Trevor Rappleye on LinkedIn
-->Listen to Trevor's podcast, Stories of Life and Business
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