S7, Episode 1 - How to select financial advisor?

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What is the best way to choose a financial advisor?

Selecting a financial advisor isn't easy. Like choosing a medical doctor, finding a financial advisor requires interviewing people to determine the best fit for your needs and personality.

Although there may be many qualified professionals in your area, you need to find one that is someone you can trust and with whom you can relate. Some financial advisors are generalists who provide advice on a variety of subjects and work with clients from all backgrounds. Others specialize in one area or have a particular type of client.

In this Podcast episode, Dave talks about…

  • Financial planning concepts
  • How to select a Financial Advisor
  • Dave discuss the key to building a great relationship with clients
  • Questions to ask your Financial Advisor ( Hints: Highly Informative)
  • What are the three primary different ways that Financial Advisors work with clients? (Hints: Talks about Compensation)
  • Why is it important to understand their personality?

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