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On this week’s episode of #TheFriendZone, Assante is nice and settled into his new apartment, and asks us questions about our experiences with the different homes we’ve lived in throughout our lives. THE FRIEND ZONE IS ON PATREON! Sign up now to catch our 4 spin-off shows (with audio, video and BTS images) and Livestream Tour: THE FRIEND ZONE SUMMER MERCH SALE - Get 20% off using code FRIEND at Black Business of the Week - Black Woman Owned Dispensary in Crenshaw Thank you to our Sponsors: Sunday II Sunday - Get your own workout hair routine today with 15% off your first purchase. Visit and use code friendzone. Sunday II Sunday is also available online at Sephora and Sleeper - Download the Sleeper app for the best fantasy sports experience available. If you already play fantasy sports, see for yourself why millions have made Sleeper the fastest growing fantasy platform. If you’re new to fantasy sports, try out Sleeper’s new matchmaking feature to find a league and get started. Follow us online: Twitter - Facebook - Patreon - Discord - Have a GREAT day!

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