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This week on #TheFriendZone, it’s a shoot the shit episode. No hot button. No segments. Just whatever wants to come through. Brace yourselves. THE FRIEND ZONE IS ON PATREON! Sign up now to catch our 4 spin-off shows (with audio AND video) plus our NEW Livestream Tour: www.patreon.com/TheFriendZonePodcast Thank you to our Sponsors: Thuma - Create that feeling of checking in to your favorite boutique hotel suite, but at home, with The Bed, by Thuma. And go to https://www.thuma.co/friend and use the code FRIEND to receive a twenty-five dollar credit towards your purchase of The Bed plus free shipping in the continental U.S. Headspace - Try www.headspace.com/FRIENDZONE and get one month FREE of their entire mindfulness library. Follow us online: Twitter - www.twitter.com/friendzonepod Facebook - www.facebook.com/thefriendzonepodcast Patreon - www.patreon.com/thefriendzonepodcast Discord - discord.gg/Jee2cwfAdz Have a GREAT day!

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