ANDOR Episode 4 SPOILER REVIEW - The Geek Buddies with Laura Kelly | Star Wars

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ANDOR, the much anticipated series from ROGUE ONE's DAN GILROY stars DIEGO LUNA as CASSIAN ANDOR, STELLAN SKARSGARD, GENEVIEVE O'REILLY, ADRIA ARJONA, DENISE GOUGH, FIONA SHAW, KYLE SOLLER and sees the return of FOREST WHITAKER as rebel leader SAW GERRERA. This episode sees Andor join a team put together by Luthen on the planet Aldhani to steal a payload from the Empire. While on Coruscant, we are introduced to Deedra Meero who sees a rebellion forming, Syril Karn returns home to his mother, and Mon Mothma and Luthen discuss their plans for funding the latest rebel attacks.
John Rocha, Michael Vogel, and Shannon McClung welcome guest Laura Kelly from Force Toast Pod and The Jedi Way to discuss all the action, storylines, direction, acting, writing, easter eggs, and more!
0:00 Intro and General Thoughts on ANDOR Episode 4
8:45 Andor's Storyline- Luthen, Vel and the Team, and the Aldhani Plan
28:48 Deedra Meero, Blevin, and Ratagaz
44:04 Mon Mothma on Coruscant with Luthen, Syril Karn, and Easter Eggs
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