D23 REACTIONS and BREAKDOWN - Marvel, Star Wars, Lucasfilm, PIXAR, and Disney Animation

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On this episode of The Geek Buddies, The Outlaw John Rocha, Michael Vogel and Shannon McClung explore all the big news, trailers, panels, casting announcements and surprises that happened at D23! They go in depth to breakdown all the footage and announcements from the DISNEY ANIMATION and PIXAR presentation, the LUCASFILM and STAR WARS presentation, and the MARVEL presentation. There's A LOT to discuss and the guys break it al down in this episode!
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0:00 Introduction and Rundown
3:10 PIXAR and DISNEY ANIMATION Presentation and News
19:32 STAR WARS and LUCASFILM Presentation and News
40:48 MARVEL Presentation and News
1:04:30 Should Ryan Coogler Direct Secret Wars?
1:09:05 Thoughts on Brie Larson's Response to Continuing as Captain Marvel
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