Ep.11 - Butterfly Bridge

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After a night of Shadowy sleep and dramatic confessions, the gang must now set off down the path to West Umberwood. Get ready for flashbacks, some long awaited reveals, and more flashbacks! Character building, HO!!!!!

Content Warnings: pg-16 level profanity. Adult themes, and violence. This episode also contains: graphic face burning, trapped in a house fire. (to skip 43:58 - 49:09)

The General Adventuring Company is a weekly actual-play tabletop rpg podcast and video production.

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The Logo, and Map is by Kaley Reid @pastadorable The Character Art and Overlay is by Apollo Avery, @apollinares The Theme song “Brave Heart” is by Mykyta Moiseiev, @nikitaka The music and sound effects are from Epidemic Sound, at epidemicsound.com

Special thanks to Lane Northcut and Stacia Lucas for Story Development.

GM/DM is Adam Sowards @sowards_adam Eny is Kaley Reid, @kaleydid Jazper is Ceasare Orlando, @c3asare Vinsaer is Maddie Wright, @maddiescomet Sinag is Julian Hermano, @jw1ian The Editors are Nicolas Girardin, @nic609, And Matthew Eberle, @MatthewEberlePhotography

Production Credits: Adam Sowards = Creative Director, Business Manager, Editing Team. Kaley Reid = Lead Visual Artist. Maddie Wright = Social Media Manager, Co-Marketing/Branding Team. Julian Hermano = Production Coordinator, Co-Marketing/Branding Team. Ceasare Orlando = Director of Photography, Co-Marketing/Branding Team. Nicolas Girardin and Matthew Eberle = Editors

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