Afraid to be the Hero of Your Life?

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🚗EVER BEEN ON A LONG ROAD TRIP AND WANTED SOMEONE ELSE TO DO ALL THE DRIVING? We all have. But in life, asking someone else to take the proverbial steering wheel of YOUR vehicle (your life) is like saying to them, “Hey, I’m trusting you with my life. Do what’s best for me. Don’t wreck me. I’ll just be hanging out over here as a casual observer.” Occasionally, this is good… but how do you recognize when it’s not good anymore? Better yet… what do you do about it?

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04:41 Self Actualization
09:03 4 Keys to moving beyond the Savior of the World Complex
09:44 All HEROs have flaws
11:15 Conflict and trouble always follow the hero
11:44 Become the Guide, not hero and here's why

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