Brain Health Secrets of Amazon's Tsimane Tribe

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EVERY 67 SECONDS, SOMEONE IN AMERICA IS DIAGNOSED WITH ALZHEIMER’S… TRANSLATING TO 1 IN 9 AMERICANS WITH THIS DISEASE. Shrinkage of brain size is one of the earliest predictors of developing this disease… yet the Amazon’s Tsimane tribe have 70% slower brain shrinkage than Americans. Why is this? In today’s show, I’ll share the latest brain health secrets of these isolated people

2:36 Mediterranean Diet + Low Carbs = Miracle results for women
4:35 Childhood trauma leads to increased rates of obesity
6:42 It's Not Your Fault! Researchers Found the Holy Grail for Obesity
8:33 Brain atrophy, memory loss, physical decline, increased risk of dementia
9:01 How to Beat the Alzheimer's statistics Using Epigenetics
12:22 Sedentary lifestyle + inflammation = the root of most disease
13:46 Are You Struggling with chronic, nagging health challenges and looking for answers?
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