10: Resilient Living 101: Featuring Manya Chylinski

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FEELNG STUCK AND UNABLE TO MOVE FORWARD POST TRAUMA? Join host Dr Brian G Brown and special guest and survivor, Manya Chylinski for an incredible dive into the power of RESILIENCY 101.
Highlights of this episode:
[34:20] I hate the word resilient
[39:00] Tips for dealing with trauma days and even years later
[42:45] Know this: You are not alone in this journey to resiliency
Wellness warrior: Overcomer. Manya uses her experience as a survivor of mass violence at the Boston Marathon bombin, and how those of us without physical wounds were treated differently, to talk about one of these topics:
• Resiliency—the ability to bounce back after hardship. My story of dealing with PTSD after mass violence and becoming an advocate for the critical importance of talking about emotional trauma to enable people to accept, and even love, their new normal.
• Trauma-sensitive leadership—How I came to realize the lack of attention to psychological wounds is a lack of leadership. And what is needed to promote safety and empowerment to support individuals with trauma experiences.
• Stigma—How sharing stories of our emotional and psychological health makes the invisible visible and helps us to live our best lives.
You can connect with Manya Chylinski on social media, she prefers Twitter
Dr Brian G Brown hosts the Genesis Zone Advantage every Thursday and Friday at 12 Noon ET
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