7: Can Your Thoughts Re-Program Your Genes?

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NEVER BEFORE REVEALED SECRETS... In today’s “In-The-Zone” segment, we’ll be discussing the science behind whether your thoughts can actually program... or RE-program your genes to positively or negatively impact your health.
This is part 2 of 2 here is the link to listen to part 1 with Sapna Rad:
This is a "must-see" episode and chock full of great insights into one of the fastest-growing fields of scientific research on the planet.

Stay tuned... your health and longevity may depend on it!

To help you dial in, here are some of the pivotal points:
03:45 The secret to why people stay stuck
05:01 Increase your goal achievement by > 50%!
10:49 Can your thoughts re-program your genes?
15:35 Warning! Doing this could increase your peak performance.
16:30 If you knew you could reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease doing this one thing, would you?

Dr Brian Brown hosts the Genesis Zone Advantage Show every Thursday and Friday at 12 noon, ET.

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