How FCU’s Can Make You Very Healthy or Very Ill

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WHAT ARE FCU’s & WHY DO THEY EVEN MATTER? How can they make me healthier? But better yet, how can they also make me sick? I’ll answer these questions and more on today’s show, but here’s a hint: FCU’s outnumber the cells in your body by a long shot.
Show Notes:
0:57 Wearing a biometric device may prolong your life!
1:59 Walking just 7000 steps per day may lead to a prolonged Life
2:51 What are FCUs? And why should you care?
3:58 What does your gut health have to do with brain damage?
7:15 Leaky gut found to be the cause of severity of Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
8:34 Want to find the root cause of many autoimmune diseases?...
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