Link Between Hating Broccoli, Depression & Alzheimer's

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🤢DO YOU HATE BROCCOLI? There’s a scientific reason for that!… and it might just be connected to depression, anxiety, mood swings, and Alzheimer’s according to the latest research. In today’s episode, I’ll be exploring the common link between these… and you’ll find out why you hate the taste of broccoli.🥦🥦
Show Notes
3:08 Another great reason to eat your broccoli
4:46 Finally, someone understands why you hate broccoli
5:55 Kids! Tell your parents this to skip eating broccoli
8:23 The new gluten...hello broccoli intolerance
9:17 How you gut is linked to Alzheimer's
13:00 the 4 Critical Things you can do to reduce risk of Alzheimer's, Depression, Anxiety and Mood Swings
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