Psilocybin Versus AntiDepressants

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Today, I’ll be building on last week’s podcast & exploring the topic of #psilocybin even deeper. We’ll look at further evidence of its positive epigenetic impact on the brain AND we’ll see how it compares to one of the most popular antidepressants ever created.
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Show Notes:
1:25 Epigenetics: Psilocybin provides lasting neuro cognitive effects
2:14 Psilocybin activates potent neuro inflammation, neuro inflammation, regulatory properties.
10:20 Great positive response for clinical trial participants using 2 doses of psilocybin v 6wk course of daily dose antidepressant
12:44 Psilocybin outperformed the gold standard of all antidepressants
13:16 Why the disconnect between actual results and the summary that's published and reported?
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