The Micro Step Approach to Losing Weight

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Frustrated by the hard work and crazy fads of trying to lose weight, and then keep it off? If so, today's episode with special guest Liz Hall is just what the Doctor ordered. You'll discover The Micro-Step approach to losing weight and why it works.
Don't miss Liz Hall's first episode with Dr Brian!
Here are some of juicy nuggets that Liz shares in this episode:
03:15 What's missing in today's weight loss industry?
06:15 Mind over everything
07:38 Time to get real if you want to lose weight
17:07 There are 2 types of people trying to lose weight, which one are you?
22:52 The micro step approach to weight loss
26:11 Take these first steps to lasting weight loss
28:52 You Need a big WHY to get through challenges
Connect with Liz:
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