The Science of Eliminating Fear

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HAVE YOU EVER heard the phrase, “That person has #GRIT”? Do you have it? Or are you held back by fear? In today’s show, I’m going to share some research-based insights into eliminating #fear 😲in your life.

✅01:17 GRIT!
✅01:50 Having and using GRIT in your life
✅04:43 Looking for a HAPPIER, more SATISFIED life?
✅06:16 That hot cup of coffee CAN help you reprogram your fear responses!
✅11:16 Want to improve your MOOD? Take a hot shower!
✅15:06 Go beyond BIOHACKING!

I'll be sharing the latest research and my insights about optimizing your genetics optimizing your emotional and mental health optimizing your physical health. And if you're a bio hacker, we're going to be talking we talk about all that stuff. You don't just have to have some nagging problem going on. In fact,
a good portion of my clients are just in this for the biohacking because when you do epigenetics, it goes beyond biohacking. It takes it really, really, really deep. And and if you're doing it to take care of nagging problems. It goes really really, really deep and it gets to the crux of the matter very, very quickly.
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