Three Techniques to Boost Energy

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😴STRUGGLE WITH #LOWENERGY? Today, we’ll talk about four reasons WHY low energy occurs and then I’ll share three techniques you can use right now
5:30 #Epigenetics
6:35 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
10:20 30% of C🌟vid sufferers experience extended periods of low energy, anxiety and depression
13:12 Is C🌟vid the next virus to act like Herpes?
15:24 Vicious circle : Stress-- immune system breakdown-- inflammation--further breakdown of the immune system--stress
16:46 Wait and See mentality💤
17:10 Goal of Functional medicine is to protect and bolster the immune and inflammatory systems in the body
21:15 Root Causes of low energy
24:38 Practical tips to boost energy
27:25 Use these techniques to Stimulate the Vagus nerve to increase energy
32:32 In an afternoon slump? Choices are: eat quick carbs, drink another cup of coffee, do this...
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