Want Energy Like a 2 Year Old Again?

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🐱‍🏍DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG…👣 AND YOU RAN EVERYWHERE YOU WENT…🏃‍♀️ AND YOU FELT GOOD DOING IT? 💃How would you feel today, if you could have energy like that again? What would it look like? What would you do? What would you do differently with your new-found energy? What about your mental energy… have you noticed that slowing down too? In today’s episode, we are going to explore some barriers that… have been… and likely… still are blocking your physical and emotional energy.


✅ 02:41 Feeling Sluggish?
✅ 08:19 What is causing low energy issues?
✅ 10:20 Been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome?
✅ 12:23 The root cause of Chronic Fatigue
13:40 Dr. Brian's Mantra: Inflammation is Synonymous with Immunity
15:35 Want energy like a 2 year old?

Dr. Brian's mantra:
Inflammation is Synonymous to Immunity
Dr. Brian is a functional medicine practitioner with a subspecialty in epigenetics and nutrigenomics
If you have a question for Dr. Brian, please contact him at https://drbriangbrown.com/question
And if you are ready to take your life, performance, mood, and energy to the highest potential check out his FREE 5 day Gene Hack Boot Camp: https://drbriangbrown.com/genehack/bootcamp

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