What is Stealing Your Energy?

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With so many things competing for our time and attention, it's hard to determine what's robbing you of the precious energy that you have designated for each day. What are you to do about it? Stay tuned as we explore the answer.
Show Notes:
-What's robbing us of our precious energy that we have designated for each day
-Energy robbers: stress and sleeplessness
-Look at 2 Sides of the stress coin: over release of fight or flight chemicals versus the constant dopamine push
-78% of people say they have significant stress in their lives
-Half of all adults report that stress has impacted their life and relationships
-Unchecked stress elevates adrenaline, cortisol and ultimately increases your fat level.
-Chronic stress has been linked to brittle bones, cognitive decline
-We creating this perfect atmosphere for loss of productivity and low energy
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