Your Body's Owner's Manual

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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THIS COMPLEX MACHINE WE CALL THE HUMAN BODY DOESN’T HAVE AN OWNER’S MANUAL? In today’s episode, we’ll discuss why this isn’t good, and you’ll learn how to find your personal owner’s manual.
Show Notes
Having no owner's manual for the human body creates:
01:47 Problem #1- I see is that it forces us to farm out the responsibility for our health, our wellness, and our longevity to other people, to people that we call experts.
02:17 Problem #2 - I see is that it creates a scenario that develops in us a mindset of dependence. and dare I say entitlement
03:59 Problem #3 - is that it puts us in a place of selling our health, our wellness, and our longevity to the highest bidder.
06:55 Pharmacogenomics, just a fancy term for saying that we can now look at your genetic information and determine which medications you should take and which medications you shouldn't take
07:44 Epigenetics are those factors that can modify your human genome
09:23 This is the closest thing we have to an owner's manual for our bodies...
18:16 How to determine which primary genetic Domino needs to be toppled first
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