The Glitter | Your Daily Dose of Self-Love, Self-Care and Manifestations explicit

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This is the only podcast dedicated to supporting you on your journey to self-love every day! The daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and affirmation you need to step into your level ten life. Imagine how much you can change in your life by devoting a few minutes each day to self-love.Among the questions we are answering are:What is self-love? How to practice self-love? Why is self-love important? How to practice self-love and self-care? How to start a self-love journey? And so much more.Let some GLITTER shine in your life by practicing self-love. In less than two minutes a day, you can shift your perspective from seeing the worst things in life to seeing the good things. Life is all about enjoying the little things and honoring your feelings on the days that are so bright. No matter your day, there is always a way to have a little more glitter in your life! This show is dedicated to unpacking and unboxing your glitter in this world. It's dedicated to your besties, girl gang, and your most glittery self. You are the main character in this show. This is your extra special place to discover the magic this world has to offer. We honor the glitter inside of you and all that glitter that's about to be discovered. Now let's spill that glitter! New interviews drop some Tuesdays featuring all the glitter we can give you. PLUS every day a new daily dose of glitter.

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