The Got Side Hustle Show

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I see you, educators. You went to college, graduate school, built an incredible career working at institutions of higher learning, supporting students, nurturing your colleagues, and maybe doing some committee work here and there. PHEW! But your heart has been telling you for years now that you have other talents and skills the world should experience. Like, maybe in a Side Hustle! Still, working at a college campus is a busy gig, and who has the damn time? YOU DO. We all have the time. And that’s why I’m here. Hey there, my name is Kris McPeak, and I help career professionals in higher education create time for their side hustle so they don’t waste their potential. Once you adopt the “Elevate Your 8" philosophy and set some goals, you, your day job, AND your side hustle are going to be unstoppable. So if you’ve got a calling outside your college campus, then sit down, relax, and tune in to this show, because YOU’VE Got Side Hustle!

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