Episode 130: How to Step Into Your Power with Johnny Guidry

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I really loved talking to Johnny Guidry of Refractive Podcast and probably could have continued the conversation for hours on end. Johnny is funny, smart, caring, genuine, and has a big heart.

Johnny and I talk about his journey to becoming a coach and a podcaster right out of corporate America. His story is really powerful and he is definitely an example of someone who realized he was not happy in his current day job and paved his own way. You’ll love this interview!

A 16-year veteran of Human Resources and Training, Johnny Guidry is a motivational speaker, coach, facilitator, and the founder of Refractive Coaching. Having experienced an intense period of darkness that pushed him onto a path of emotional, spiritual, and professional growth, Johnny uses public speaking and coaching to help his clients and audiences find their highest inner wisdom. His podcast, Refractive, focuses on releasing limiting beliefs, stepping into authentic power, building a career that feels right, and the adventure of spiritual growth.

You can find Johnny at RefractiveCoaching.com and RefractivePodcast.com

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Original Music for GOT SIDE HUSTLE is composed and performed by Chris Corral.

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