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This week, DJ Moose is joined by Jonathan Mooney from Johnathan|Christian, as they talk about the newly released track in support of Ukraine "Talking 'Bout The Wolf" from Johnathan|Christian featuring The Legion Whom
The Legion of whom are an amazing ensemble comprised of:
Matt Vowles from Black Angel
Lee Meadows from The Glass House Museum
Athan Maroulis from NOIR
Steven Archer from Ego Likeness and Stoneburner
Claus Larsen from Leæther Strip
Alla Miroshichenko from Attrition and Alia Synesthesia
Martin Bowes from Attrition
Jeff Diehm from The Last Dance
Ania Tarnowska from I Ya Toyah and The Joy Thieves
All the proceeds from this song are going to the Come Back Alive Foundation, a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that emerged to help the Ukrainian military during the War in Donbas. Please buy the track on bandcamp or donate directly to Come Back Alive (
Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦
Slava Ukrainai! 🇱🇻
Glory to Ukraine! 🇨🇦
This is what we played:
Intro – 00:00
Vinky - Що й по травi... (So, upon the grass...) – 00:30
Micro with DJ Moose – 04:42
The Last Dance - Do You Believe In Angels - 08:04
Johnathan|Christian (Ft The Legion Of Whom) - Talkin' Bout the Wolf
(ft. The Legion of Whom) – 12:59
Micro with DJ Moose and Jonathan from Jonathan|Christian – 17:54
Attrition - The Great Derailer – 26:07
Stoneburner - Contracting Iris – 30:49
I Ya Toyah - Death's Kiss - 36:48
Micro with DJ Moose and Jonathan from Jonathan|Christian – 40:29
Black Angel - Battle Cry – 47:32
Ego Likeness - Second Skin – 51:26
NOIR - Just Fascination – 57:48
Leaether Strip - Same Old Shit (Old Beats Version) – 1:01:34
Johnathan|Christian - I Walk this Earth Alone (Leaether Strip Club
Mix) – 1:05:37
Micro with DJ Moose and Jonathan from Jonathan|Christian – 1:11:56
Alia Synesthesia - ColourBlind – 1:19:45
The Glass House Museum – Tides – 1:24:07
NOIR - The Burning Bridge – 1:28:03
Attrition - The Alibi (Vaselyne Remix) – 1:33:37
Micro with DJ Moose and Jonathan from Jonathan|Christian – 1:37:41
Dakh Daughters - Oh God – 1:42:29
NOIR - The Chauffeur - 1:49:53
The New Creatures – My Child Queen – 1:54:30

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