Tim Watkins: “From Living Like Gods to Living Your Own Story”

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On this episode, we meet with author, social scientist, policy researcher, and mental health advocate Tim Watkins.

Watkins gives us a bird’s eye view of how energy, the economy, the environment, and mental health fit together. How important will mental health be to help us navigate uncertain times?

About Tim Watkins:

Tim Watkins is the author Consciousness of Sheep, social scientist, policy researcher, and mental health advocate.

Watkins has authored a range of books, including numerous books and booklets on the subject mental health, wellbeing and self-help. In 2015 he published “Austerity - Will Kill the Economy”, a critique of the economic policies adopted in the UK since 2010; and “Britain’s Coming Energy Crisis - Peak Oil and the End of the World as we Know it”, a guide to the UK’s particular vulnerabilities in a world without cheap oil.

Tim Watkins is a founder-director of Waye Forward Ltd. A qualified Life Coach, he also provides coaching, mentoring and support to other writers.

For Show Notes and Transcript visit: https://www.thegreatsimplification.com/episode/23-tim-watkins

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