Clear to Hoist with Australia's Rob Munday

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Welcome to episode 63 of the Hangar Z Podcast! In this episode we get to hang out and have a blast with Rob Munday.

Rob is a world class hoist operator working for Blackcomb Helicopters in British Columbia. Rob also works with SR3 Rescue Concepts where he is spreading his vast knowledge of all things Rescue to students and agencies worldwide.

Rob is an Australian native and has a super diverse background including time spent as a wild land firefighter both in Australia and Canada.

Relax and enjoy this epic conversation Rob Munday

In addition to a really great guest (Rob Munday) we have some exciting news.

As you all know we are huge fans of SHOTOVERS new M2 camera system and their augmented reality mapping software.

Well I would officially like to thank SHOTOVER systems for joining with Metro Aviation as a sponsor of the The Hangar Z Podcast.

Just a month or so ago In episode 59 we had the opportunity to speak with Tom Churchill the CEO of SHOTOVER, which was formerly Churchill Navigation.

In that conversation Tom joined us to discuss their new 6-axis M2 EO/IR Multi Sensor camera. The system comes with the next generation of their augmented reality mapping software.

I had the opportunity to demo the camera locally here in Southern California. The new features I absolutely loved were the automated license plate recognition, steering, tracking and over all quality. For more information Go check it out at

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We would like to thank our SPONSORS Metro Aviation and now SHOTOVER as well as our supporters on Patreon.

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