Release That Trapped Emotion and Find The Road to Healing Through The Emotion and Body Code, with Lori York

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Do you know that chronic repression of emotions creates toxicity in our body, mind, and heart? Regardless of how we process it, unseen emotions are stored in our organs, muscles, and tissues. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson over twenty years of practice as a chiropractor, a therapy that utilizes the Emotion Code helps clients identify and release trapped emotional energy quickly and easily.

Today we have with us an expert in the practice of releasing trapped emotions, Lori York, who’s an intuitive healer and certified in various healing modalities. Having the desire to see everyone free from the bondage of emotional traumas that cause their personal journey to become stagnant, she heeded to her calling of creating a safe place for all to begin the healing process. We are about to discover here a very powerful way of finally finding the road to natural healing.

Make sure you tune into this episode, share it with friends and family as you enter The Healer’s Realm, where your spirit will find peace.

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About Lori York

Lori is an intuitive healer certified in the modalities of Emotion Code, Body Code, Advanced Ho’oponopono, and Reiki. She lives with her two sons in Houston, Texas and is passionate about natural healing.

Lori York has a heart to help children and adults affected by addiction, as well as anyone on their soul's path to discovering the divinity that dwells within. She believes that healing of the self creates a ripple effect for generations.

Lori currently has a special offer for NEW CLIENTS à Receive 3 full sessions for only $200 as a first-time client!!

Get in touch with Lori here:

Text her: (409) 2 3 4 3 6 0 6

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