Journal Prompts for Fall: Letting go, clearing space, and embracing change

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During this episode, I will guide you through a series of journal prompts themed around the fall season. You will have a few minutes after each question to write your answers, so I encourage you to grab a pen and paper, get cozy, and enjoy this process of self-reflection and soul nourishment! As these journal prompts are created to work with the energy of fall, they are all about letting go, surrendering what you're done with, and clearing space for what's next in your life. I'm put these journal prompts in a PDF that you can download and print, either for yourself or to share with a friend! You'll find that here (along with a transcript of the episode): *** I invite you to join the private, members-only version of The Healing Sanctuary, which includes over 100 meditations and visualizations, for $5/month here: After you join, you'll get an exclusive new meditation or visualization each week! *** To get a donation-based course that includes 4 parts on the science and spirituality of healing, Heal Your Life with Meditation and Visualization, go here: *** My website: *** Connect on Instagram: (@meditate_with_melissa) *** Thank you so much! If you know someone who would benefit from this episode, please share. And if you could leave a rating, it would help me in reaching new people who would benefit from this podcast!

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