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Pavlina Jirouskova creates a place for you to connect, to inspire, to heal & to empower you to live a healthy, happy and purposeful life from your heart. Open you heart and connect to your soul. Connect to your purpose, remember who you are and why you came to this life. Your soul and your body are speaking to you and through you. You are here for a reason. You have chosen to be here at this time. You came here to learn, to grow and to experience joy and excitement, to live the human experience, raise the vibration of the planet by being the truest expression of yourself. Come back, connect to your heart. Come home. Release what no longer serves you and heal. Heal from within. Heal your mind and your body. Anything is possible. You are unlimited. You are one with everything. Connect to your heart and feel the love within. You can live a healthy, happy and vibrant life when you live from your heart. Your host is Pavlina Jirouskova, intuitive health and life coach for women, EFT therapist, energy healer and lover of spirituality. Pavlina believes that all issues you experience in life, physical, mental and emotional, arise from being disconnected from your heart, from your true self. She’s going to help you to open your mind, connect to your heart and to heal from within. Topics we cover: Holistic health and wellbeing, spirituality, purpose, intuition, lifestyle, self-love, healing chronic illness, such as eczema, and so much more. Find out more at | Follow Pavlina on IG: | Follow Pavlina on FB: | Join her private FB group:

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