30 Years of Herbalism with Elaine Sheff

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In this episode, I get to chat with clinical herbalist, author, & teacher Elaine Sheff about her 30 years journeying down the Herbalist’s Path. We discuss favorite books and favorite teachers. I also ask Elaine about favorite herbs like Calendula (Calendula officinalis) and Comfrey (Symphytum officinale). We speak of wonderful things going on at Elaine’s Herb School and explore some of the ways we adjust to shifting educational necessities of the world around us.

The author of several books on herbal medicine Elaine has been passionate about sharing her knowledge for over 30 years. Her latest book is Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair. Elaine is the Co-Director of Green Path Herb School, in Missoula, Montana, where she strives to inspire and empower students to remember their connection to the earth, the plants and their own healing process. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and teaches workshops and conferences, nationally and internationally. As a certified Instructor of the Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Methods, Elaine has helped many couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally. She has written numerous articles about her family’s journey with epilepsy and a special needs child. When not writing or teaching, Elaine is often found bent over an herb in her garden or marveling at small flowers in mountain meadows with her husband and sons.

After founding Meadowsweet Herbs (a retail and manufacturing herb company) in 1994 and owning it for 18 years, Elaine & partner, John Goicovich, were ready to move on to their greatest passion: full time teaching. In 2013 they founded Green Path Herb School with programs & classes for beginners seeking basic knowledge to advanced programs for students that want to practice herbalism as a vocation. Green Path strives to inspire and empower students to connect to the earth, the plants and their own healing process. In addition to program offerings, Green Path can be found on Instagram, Facebook, as well as their YouTube Channel; find the mentioned video on making calendula oil here.

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