Immune Stimulant Herbs, Antivirals, Antibacterials, What The Heck Are They & When Do I Need Them?

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We’ve all heard that we should take echinacea for a cold, or garlic is good for you, or elderberry. All of it’s true, but have you ever wondered why or how these plants work their magic? This episode is a big shout out to Immune Stimulatants! These virus & bacteria-fighting herbs ramp up your immune system to help fight illness. They are best employed at the beginning of symptoms, but can help through the duration too.

We’ll learn a bit about how the immune system works and some of the specific ways that broad spectrum compounds found in medicinal plants create a breadth of actions and applications. These compounds can potentially outsmart the bugs that have already outsmarted synthesized antibiotics and antivirals. And some of the plant friends --like garlic, onion, or ginger-- may already be in your kitchen! How cool is that!? (For more info on some specific herbs, check out Episode 10 “Herbs to Boost Your Immune System, Some of my Favs!”)

Immune stimulators are quick to act, but the effects are short-lived. Hence, they’re best used for short-term acute treatment or prevention. We’ll talk about the best ways to use them to protect your health and recover, but not over medicate (which, yes, you can do with herbs too).

But the best part is, in addition to putting cleaner medicine in your body, it’s cleaner for our planet too. At a time when synthetic medication is showing up in drinking water and in fish, these plants that you can grow or Mother Nature provides furnish medicine to which microbes can’t adapt and that returns to the earth as natural as it came.

Remember, different bodies react to herbs in different ways. The information presented is in no way meant to diagnose or remedy any ailment. Find out what works for you with the help of a certified herbalist, naturopathic practitioner, or other health practitioner.

There’s a variety of ways to get this plant medicine in your body --tinctures, capsules, teas, etc. For some ready-made tea options, check out Mountain Mel’s Herbal Teas at
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