Nourishing Nettles: Medicinal Zing Worth the Sting

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This episode is about Nettles. Yes, “those”nettles. Urtica diotica. The “stinging” ones. But there’s a ton of medicinal zing other than the (still medicinal) sting. How about a nettle tea? Or nettle Pesto? What!?

Yeah! Nettles are actually one of the most nutrient dense plants we have to work with in our world and they can be used as food and medicine in so many ways. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, protein, & chlorophyll. The benefits of nettle are far reaching from young to old, from a mommy-to-be to an allergy sufferer. Yes, even the sting can be helpful with inflammation in particular to musculoskeletal pain. Of course, stinging yourself for health benefits is not for the faint of heart, but if you try it, we’d love to hear about it! That sting can also make harvesting a little tricky. In this episode, I go over some things to keep in mind to keep both yourself and the plants safe. Check out a video on safely harvesting nettles here. So join me in taking the nasty out of the nettle because nettles are neato!

I love the benefits of nettles so much that I use it in FIVE of my tea formulas! Mommy To-Be, Milk Lady’s Blend, Peaceful Baby, Wonderful Women’s, & Where Is My Mind?? You can check out these & other teas plus more herbal essentials at code THP15 at checkout to receive 15% off just for listening. Or make your own with bulk herbs from our partners at Mountain Rose Herbs or Oshala Farms. For quality freeze dried nettes, I recommend both Eclectic Institute & Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

Like learning about using plants as medicine? Check out our Herbalist's Path YouTube channel; there are harvesting videos for cottonwood bud & nettles. And join me over in our Herbalist's Path Facebook Group. Visit us at to check out upcoming courses & workshops and see links below for specific upcoming events. We’re super excited to begin our Wild & Crafty Club! Sign up and help us build something special. Let’s inspire a movement where there’s an herbalist in every home...again! Together we can make herbalism #spreadlikewildflowers

All of these classes and information are purely for entertainment and education. This is not medical advice. Please work with your healthcare practitioner.

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