The Spiritual Process of Creating Psychedelic Music with Producer Random Rab - HPP 108

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Creating art is for music producer Random Rab a spiritual experience, and this is obvious in the art he creates. Rab’s prodigious output of compositions over decades has gained him invitations to play at some of the world’s biggest festivals and venues, and his warmth and connection to his audience is legendary.

In psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, the right music is a key element of the healing. In today’s episode, we’re delighted to have music producer, Random Rab, whose music has been used by therapists in their sessions to help soothe the mind as well as promote healing.

Show notes:

  • How Music Plays an Important Role - 02:52
  • How Music is Transformative - 06:18
  • Perks of the Music Industry - 11:34
  • Living In the Present - 13:41
  • Experiencing Music Anew Through Psychedelics - 15:30
  • A Connection with the Crowd - 24:19

To learn more about Producer Random Rab:

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