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CEO Of New GrapeTree Records and Movement
Delbert R. Harris is Lil' Raskull. He grew up in Trinity Garden, a ghetto on the north side of Houston, Texas and ended up dealing drugs. His talent for rap gave him the chance to get signed at a local record label called Dead Game Records in 1991. Eventually he sobered up. In his destructive lifestyle Raskull started to hear God's voice saying "Look around...how long are you going to keep this?" Drug induced he heard God's small voice in a small circle of high strangers. "God pricked my heart," said Lil� Raskull, �God said "look at these guys-you don't know any of them. They're just a bunch of junkies." Soon after Raskull changed his life the christian rapper Nuwine, who hadn't contacted him for several years, gave him a call.
In 1996 Lil' Raskull released Controverse All-Star on Grapetree Records. Five albums later including his best of-album "Certified Southern Hits" in 1999 and after the decline of Grapetree Records in 2003 he began to release music on his own label Javo Records.
Lil Raskull now goes by the artist name "Ras". The new name can already be found on the 2003 album "The streets are white" and the collaboration album Nuwine & Ras "Good news bad boys" of 2004.
The MC states on his site: �It�s no wonder why no one pays attention to Gospel rap, no one knows where to find it,� Raskull explains. �Gospel simply means good news. Who doesn�t want to hear good news?�. Because he "remains unsatisfied with the way his music has been handled", new albums will now be released in the christian and mainstream market.
Ras' choice to start his own label and broaden the scope of his distribution might be influenced by the experience at Grapetree Records, because on the inlay "The streets Are White" he notes "spending six years with a label that never payed me dibs". Raskull made his last record specificly aimed at the christian market with the album "The Benedict" in 2005.
In March 2007 the rapper published the book: So...You Got A Record Label : The Introduction to running a productive and lucrative record label.
The artist is featured on Mr G. Reality's album Reflection of Image (2007).
The first single of the album "The Buzz Word" (2007) is "Bank on That".
New Projects
A new project is his new record "The Bad Boy Volume 3", which is scheduled for release in 2009.
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